In Memoriam : Kumar Gaurav…. the world shall know.

Here, grieved and stunned to the soul that I am.. I bring to you a story that you must know.

 A benign soul has left us forever to merge with the almighty… a soul that was inspiration to me and many others… a soul that pushed limits of hard work and dedication… and a soul that was the very best of the human kind… a soul named KUMAR GAURAV.

Gaurav bhaiya… I know you are reading this… you always had time to read what I wrote. I never told you this… but Anubhansoo loved you like no other… LIKE NO OTHER. You have been my inspiration ever since I came to senses. All those sixteen years… I have copied you and your ways. I have imitated your speaking style and handwriting. You were a fighter and you taught me to fight. And… your lessons will always be by my way to live.. my way to life.

Here was a boy who was… by far the best speaker Madonna English School had ever produced. When he took the mic  in hand… the assembly stood up and listened.  Those numerous debate competitions that he won so easily… those heart touching speeches that he gave and that one humble smile he greeted everyone with… these memories have become strength. It was in the old, sweet corridors of alalpatti branch that I first got to see him.. wearing those trademark Madonna uniform shorts.. that was sixteen years ago. Ever since, a junior to him that I was… I followed his steps. As I stood by the sidelines, hearing him rip through his speeches at independence day, republic day or any other occasion… I grew a fan of him. I have had the honor… the privilege.. the blessing of knowing such a great person. Such a true human being. I have had memories with him that will never die out. I’ll cite some.


Then we used to have our terminal examinations… and class 10 and 9 were made to sit together. That particular exam… I found myself searching for my seat. There was some confusion regarding sitting arrangement  of which I took advantage and deliberately sat beside Gaurav bhaiya… but it was the first sitting and the teacher sent me to another room..


As I was leaving my seat… I told him, ”fate does not want me to sit with you !!!”. He smiled.

But in just the next sitting the sitting arrangement was revised, and by god’s grace I was made to sit beside him.

“FATE !!!”, he said… and kept smiling.

I will never forget that smile. I did not know then that fate can be so cruel.

And then… while he was in tenth… he was ordered to wear spects. While he showed me his first, new spects he told me how long it had taken him to choose one which suited him. That was that perfectionist in him that came out in his thunderous speeches. Then he was so forgiving that he did not hold any grudge against anyone… even the monkey who had once bit him in his hand ( I remember that). He was always a favorite of the teachers for his learning tendency. I still remembered his handwritten notes in his book that I used to borrow from him to study. His board results were phenomenal. Our dream was his achievement. Gaurav bhaiya broke through record books in Madonna and I delivered him results on phone. I’ll never forget those breaths on the other side of phone as I went through his marks, subject by subject. i will never forget that I escorted him to alalpatti branch that day for media interviews as the district topper. There was the humble, kind hearted person who, very deservingly was the best Madonna had ever produced.


He was a gentleman. Kind hearted, bright minded and always jolly. Always there in support to everyone. He kept everyone around himself happy by cracking jokes and making weird childish sounds from mouth. I still remember that telephone ringtone he used to produce and got everyone around amazed.

I just wish I can hear that one more time.

A throughout topper in academics. A fighter who made us proud in competitions without any coaching. A pure hearted, benevolent soul that did good and hoped good for everyone. Those years that I spent with him were golden… as I learnt lessons of humility from him. i read from his books. I copied his hand writing. This loss will not heal with time.

Bhaiya, your story has become inspiration for those who want to shine by struggle. Will miss you always. Will love you.. always. I know right now you are making those awesome speeches to partial gods, and they are listening quietly. Or cracking those intelligent jokes of you up there and making the angels laugh. It makes me smile.


All those years…

All that fun….

All those smiles…

All those jokes in madonna’s corridors…

All those sweet memories…

Your voice will always resonate in eternity.All we all will always get inspired from you. You are alive in our hearts.

And I promise I’ll do you proud.


Lots of love.

Your little bro,


8 thoughts on “In Memoriam : Kumar Gaurav…. the world shall know.

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  1. @Anubhansoo…… really i came to knw a lot abt Gaurav…. He was my best junior and wil b forever…. In meetings , he used to sit wid me n seriously frm nw onwards dat void wont b filled up by ne1…. U r 1st one to make me weep in my lyf…..

    luv u a lot …..beta


  2. ur words took me directly to his past though i was nt dere in ur skul bt cud very well get d visualisation…thk u so much…

  3. i had some wonderful moments with KUMAR GAURAV…i never felt that i was his junior….yourcharismatic personality will remain forever n my heart….REST IN PEACE…miss u a lot bhai..:-(

  4. he was one of the best people i’ve met in my life……pure by heart and serving others selflessly…….i used to spend most of the time in his room cracking jokes and laughing at his mischievious yet funny activities and jokes….now i don’t have the courage to walk past his room………he will always be remembered for the person he was…….r.i.p. gaurav….:'(;'(

  5. Well Done Anubhansoo..!!!Truly the world should know this wonderful soul…a marvel of god…God has been unfair to us…he wanted his best creation with him always…bahot din wo duur rahe toh aur saha nai gaya..:(..watevr may be…he can never snatch Kumar Gaurav frm us…He is still there…Alive and safe in our hearts forever..!!!!

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