Dear Future Daughter

Dear future daughter, It is 2019 when I am writing you this letter. I am young and strong and carefree now as you may see in my photographs later. I am not sure when you will be reading this, but I hope you do. In 2019 I am in Mumbai and Auntie Shreya is in... Continue Reading →

A sunrise by the sea

The sea without daylight is eerie. It’s beautiful and yet daunting. It is not the friend I know it to be when the sun is above us. At night it is more like the big hollow inside me. With only the whites of the waves visible… the wind... the darkness and the vastness of it... Continue Reading →

Let’s play a game !

(Written as an answer to the Quora question: Interpersonal Interaction: What is the most interesting conversation a boy and girl can have?) This answer will be a little different from most of the answers here. This is a conversation I recently had with my mentor and my senior from college Niharika Di . We both have the itch... Continue Reading →

Hi ! My name is Soo.

New teacher taking attendance. Takes seven-eight names in one breath. Then gets stuck. Badly. He takes his time pronouncing this one… Me : “Sir.. that’s me.. Anubhansoo Runsoo” “Anbanshoo what… ? ” “Anubhansoo Runsoo, Sir” “That’s a strange name! ” (Awkward silence follows in class.. my friends turn around and smirk.) “You got a rhyming name!”... Continue Reading →

To future, with love.

This is not just a memoir. A tear leaves my eye and splashes against the paper as I write this. And another. This story is not to pen down the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind. No. This story is not in the slightest about the cataclysm that came with it. No, this saga... Continue Reading →

Remove that maybe!

It was a miracle. For someone like me to have found someone like her. I drive an ambulance. She is a doctor. I carry lives. She saves them. We are a team. Made for each other. Moonlight and moon. Rainbow and rain. Morning and hope. Her and me. People talk. I let them. They have... Continue Reading →

Roll No 1

I remember the day one, when I met you first, on the rooftop of the cursed toad lodge and shaking your hand, and thinking, I was lucky, that you were same class and same section as mine. I did not tell you, but you were the first proper new friend I ever made, when I... Continue Reading →

My disease has no cure!

My dear friends and my resolute enemies. My beautiful stalkee, beard brothers and sinister sisters, fellow kleptomaniacs and all you ugly children of Satan. It is with a heavy heart and a broken spirit that I come to you with such bad, bad news. I have been trying to keep this a secret, but it... Continue Reading →

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