Hi ! My name is Soo.

New teacher taking attendance. Takes seven-eight names in one breath. Then gets stuck.


He takes his time pronouncing this one…

Me : “Sir.. that’s me.. Anubhansoo Runsoo

“Anbanshoo what… ? ”

“Anubhansoo Runsoo, Sir”

“That’s a strange name! ”

(Awkward silence follows in class.. my friends turn around and smirk.)

“You got a rhyming name!”

“Your name is like “Phunsukh Wangdu” ”   (Its a famous character from the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots)

Me: . . . . .

Oh the troubles I have explaining the spelling every time someone has to write my name down !! And they never get it right.

I know I have a unique name. I have been called, “Anshuman”, “Abanshoo”, “Anshu”, “Khusboo”, “Bhanu”, “Soo”  😛 . My friends have had time of their lives making fun of my name, singing it out loud to Bollywood songs.

To top it all, I don’t even have a pet name. 😥

So how’d my name come about? My parents decided to get extra creative while naming me.

My mother’s name is “Anubha” (meaning lightning in Hindi) and I am her “Ansh” ( a part).. So Anubhansoo.

Similarly, my father’s name is “Rudra” (name of lord Shiva) and I am his “Ansh” (a part)… Hence Rudransoo.  But they thought it would be a little too much so made it “Runsoo”…

So, I came about to be known as Anubhansoo Runsoo!

And no matter how far I am, my parents are with me… in my name itself.



(Written as an answer to the Quora question : How did your parents decide on your name?)


9 thoughts on “Hi ! My name is Soo.

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  1. At last, I got to know the mystery accompanying this name! But the story behind is more than just a sweet gesture.

      1. The last name is Sumaira, and they never pronounce it right. I find myself always correcting people who tends to pronounce it “Sumaiya”, “Shumaiya”, etcetera, etcetera. Even mom doesn’t pronounce my first name right sometimes 😣. It’s not that confusing, and yet….

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