Let’s play a game !

(Written as an answer to the Quora question: Interpersonal Interaction: What is the most interesting conversation a boy and girl can have?)

This answer will be a little different from most of the answers here.

This is a conversation I recently had with my mentor and my senior from college Niharika Di . We both have the itch to write and we read/edit each other’s pieces.

We were having this conversation about our blog when Di suddenly had an interesting idea.

One would write a poetic sentence, and the other would complete it. 

It sure makes up for an interesting conversation. I am posting the screenshots here.

It started with this:

Then went into this pensive something :
(*live = Love..  Damn autocorrect!! )

Then totally silly :

Then kind of a sweet poem:

Then some epic saga :

The saga continued:

Then finally end with “why not write a novel ?” . Well most of our conversations end like that 😛

Hope that’s interesting enough!

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