The dance was all there was.

People tend to dance when they are happy. She would dance when she was sad.. or angry.. or both. I could never tell. Dancing in grief was her way of protest. Or her way to bleed out her rage. I could never tell. Sometimes she was Durga. And sometimes she was Kali. I could never... Continue Reading →

Ghost, Interrupted!

Back in the day, my grandpa used to go to the nearby town from his village for various purposes, leaving early morning and returning by night. The town was about fifteen kilometers from the village, and then, the rural areas were not much electrified. Through the outskirts and the fields, it got difficult to see... Continue Reading →

The Vespa Girl

Decades from now, when the far future has become the past. When there's silver on my head, and wrinkles under my eye. When the old lads are drinking by the fire, telling stories about the beautiful women that they had known. And when my turn comes, I'll feign a smile, And say, "just the one"... Continue Reading →

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