Free, finally!

(Written sometime in 2018 as a letter to a dear friend) This story is melancholy. In the two and a half years I have spent in the rancid city of Chennai, I came across many, many instances of pure benevolence. And then there is this incident that I felt like writing about. I live in... Continue Reading →

October? October!

It is that time of the year again. When I am a little more impatient than usual. The happy kind of impatient. When I don't mind getting a little late, or lagging behind deadlines. I don't even swear when I hit my toe against cursed corners, or when I have trimmed only half my beard... Continue Reading →

Allow me the privilege!

You, Your rough words, fuckall gait, dirty jeans and unapologetic air!   You, Your ringing laughter, short hair, wide shoulders, and bold demeanor!   You, Your imperfect curls, impertinent freckles, swear words and impolite verbs!   You, Your silences, awry eyes,  looks un-trusting, voice stoic and words measured.   You, yes You! With your sharp... Continue Reading →

Code Name Bamz!

This story is not like the others. This story will take some time. This is about someone who has been around me for very long. Most of the people around us are like dance steps, they come and go as the song changes, but this guy is not one of them. He is not a... Continue Reading →

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