October? October!

It is that time of the year again.

When I am a little more impatient than usual. The happy kind of impatient.

When I don’t mind getting a little late, or lagging behind deadlines.

I don’t even swear when I hit my toe against cursed corners, or when I have trimmed only half my beard and forgot to complete the rest.

For a chronic insomniac, I surprisingly get very good sleep. Why? Because there are things I have to dream of.

There is always a song on my lips and I can be found humming away, musing apparently at nothing and nobody.

Yes ! It is October again. The best one of all twelve. You can call me biased and I totally am.

And why should I not be for a month that makes life feel so beautiful?

The mornings are more gorgeous than the months gone by, when it has been either hot or raining.

But not October. The nip in the early morning air has slowly started to set in, and the sun is a little lazy to come up, making it inviting to my early bird soul.

A morning walk becomes necessary to gulp in the bliss of the dawn. The early air is more benevolent than usual.

The crimson in the morning sky is at its sharpest, reminiscent of all beautiful Octobers gone by.

The days are brighter and the sky is stark blue. The sun is warm and caring like a father and there are a few clouds here and there.

October sky is a poem waiting for music to be sung into a song.

The evenings are the best. Intoxicating, actually. The only thing I ever get high on.

The sky is darker than usual, and the wind carries more than just air.

If you listen, they carry whispers, too.

The tree saptaparni charges the air with its devilish smell. The fragrance is all over the places I have been to.

And the evening breeze has all the goodness of a mix of a well-made wine.

In short, October for me, isn’t just any other month. The year has been sad and demanding but October arrives with a taste of Felix Felicis.

And boy do I feel lucky!

You see. I was born in March. But I grew up in October.

My heart is out and about, noticing every little red in this world of forever grey. This is one month when the color red means joy.

Red. Of course red. The sigh of all things “shubh” and precious. Be it Durga maa’s saree or rangoli of Diwali… red rules them all.

There is one more thing the color red rules.  My silly little heart.

Also maybe a little bit of green. Yes. A flash of green maybe, perhaps a good old vespa, shuddering away.

They are rare these days. But they mean something more to my humble self.

Every dash of that green make me blush.

I rarely blush.

But when I do, you can be sure it is October!

Siiigh !

Well, here we are.

After all these goddamned years.

And I am still talking about it.

And I should be.

6 thoughts on “October? October!

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  1. October is the most awaited time of the year for me too.

    The colour orange best represents October in my books. 🙂

    The month is full of celebrations in my family. Lots of birthdays and anniversaries from the start till the very end. But this is not the only reason.

    It’s sort of like a Sheldon Cooper habit with me. This month holds “balance” in actuality. “Draught of peace” is the equivalent potion to this month.

    Like you’ve mentioned already, it’s not too hot but neither cold. Allowing me to enjoy my favourite hazelnut coffee (my life revolves around this in a sense!) in the mornings with slight hint of serendipity.

    It’s just a “Be Easy Breezy” month! 😀

    1. Aha ! Glad to hear that!

      Here we have all the best festivals in October! So many holidays and celebrations. People sing, dance, shop and eat!

      Personally for me october is special. Memories and what not.

      Don’t tell me you are a Shelly Coop fan. “I am not crazy. My mother had me tested.”

      October is what makes the year worth going through!

  2. This very line describes him in one sentence. If not for that guy, I wouldn’t have survived The Big Bang! Sheldon made me want to learn klingon :3

    Though it was hard for me to appreciate most of other comedy up to a certain period after watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I can be biased too! :v) It was still worth the while except the last few seasons.

    Well wishes for the celebrations. I can already imagine the banquets!

    1. Thank you!

      Yeaah ! The quality took a big dip after season 5. And I blame Amy Farah Fowler for that. Once she was introduced, Sheldon just wasn’t Sheldon anymore. I think I never went beyond season 7.

      But yeah the first few seasons were excellent and Sheldon carried them through. His fights with each of the other three made excellent episodes and his bonding with penny made it worth watching.

      But Amy single handedly lowered the humour of the show. And then there was no going back!

      But then, I still chuckle at, “Knock ! Knock! Knock! Penny”

      Sheldon was a well written Character first few seasons. I kind of lost interest in all series afterwards.

      Except Friends, GOT and Sherlock. Sherlock is love.

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