O for Oshin!

The first week of August in 2011 brought about many changes in my life. I arrived in NIT Jamshedpur, kind of loathing myself for the choice I had made. A new city. Lots of new friends that would stay for life. And many, many lessons to come. With all that new noise, came a name... Continue Reading →

The City They Call Paris

(This is a personal memoir of my first trip to Paris in 2019.) November 16. Day one. Paris. Part One: Trip to Louvre Museum. The very early morning metro ride to Gare Du Midi from Albert station was literally a chilly experience. Brussels temperatures early morning was hitting sub zero every day, but this was... Continue Reading →

The Reason Why

Brussels. November 28, 2019. I have already made many trips to Grand Palace by now. Offices in Belgium wind up earlier compared to India, and that gives me enough time to soak in the beauty and culture of Brussels. A short walk to Gare du Nord, followed by metro to Bourse station in two stops,... Continue Reading →

Les Catacombes De Paris

Paris. November 17,2019. Day 2. In a very small four bunker bedroom at the hotel Vintage Gare Du Nord, my eyes opened to stare at the bed above mine. I had not had much sleep, even though I was dead tired from all the walking the day before. This was in part due to the... Continue Reading →

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