My dear reader,

This post is a small compilation of one-liners and small poems I have written over the course of many years. These usually have no context and often are just my observations about little things in this sweet and beautiful world. I have tried to compile only the ones that make a little sense and can be related to.

Have fun. Feel free to use them as captions, if you will.

  1. I promise magic.
    And I promise truth.
    Mornings all red,
    And oceans all blue.
    Bear this today,
    My sweet love,
    It is a beautiful place
    we are going to.
  2. All my life I have ever wanted but could not have. Now that I can have, I do not want.
  3. Everyday, while going home from work, I take home flowers for someone.
    Someone who isn’t there.
    Someone who doesn’t know they are for her.
    But the flowers do.
  4. A man is only as strong as the ladies in his life.
  5. She is like
    an incomplete poem,
    an unfinished tapestry.
    looking at her once
    is not enough.
    One has to look again,
    every time.
  6. The good we do stays where it is done.
    The sins we do follow us back home.
  7. Here we are.
    After all these years.
    And I am…
    still… talking about her.
    And I should be.
  8. A man is not his religion. A religion is not one man.
  9. Every day we lose a little something of what we were.
    And gain a little something of what we will become.
  10. I am not the secret-keeper. I am the secret.
  11. Dreams break in silence but with echoes.
  12. “Be a good man”, She said. “The world needs good men.”
    And then she was gone. And all these years later, I am trying to be.
  13. A little of me I leave in you, a little of you I take away.
  14. What cannot be understood must be mugged.
    What cannot be mugged must be written on a piece of paper and taken to the exam hall.
  15. Always trust a person who talks to food. Always.
  16. When past is loud
    and I can’t sleep
    she finds me pacing
    through the night.
    Doesn’t say much
    just hugs me tight.
    And whispers
    it will be alright.
    All my life
    I only knew pain
    but is this what
    healing feels like?
  17. We did not pass away the time. It was time that passed us by.
  18. Of all goodbyes we said to each other and came back again, the final time we depart, the last goodbye must remain unsaid.
  19. She greets me with a chuckle that says maybe we could be like this forever. I smile back and remove that maybe altogether.
  20. Too many friends. Not enough friendships.
  21. You be water. And I will be the river.
  22. Me? I am a storyteller. And a storyteller knows where the story goes.
  23. All good things must come to an end while they are still good.
  24. What isn’t ours cannot be mine.
  25. After all, it is only in not having that I have ever, truly, had.
  26. Between all the maybes and may not bes, there is that ever certain will be.
    And that there is no me. There is no you. There is only us.
  27. I know the language of tears. Teach me the language of smiles.
  28. You effing cannot kill what refuses to die.
  29. The Vespa Girl. And the invisible lead of her invisible hands.
  30. The love we do not claim does not return.
  31. First impression is never the last impression. It is just a funny memory.
  32. All I need is all I have. And all I have is you.
  33. Life teaches living.
  34. Destiny, love, be kind.
  35. My mother is my all.
  36. Where is despair, must have been hope.
  37. I don’t care if I am the villain in all other stories as long as I am the protagonist in the one that matters.
  38. In a war between my head and my heart, my stomach always wins.
  39. Chennai is slow love.
  40. Pain will not let you live. And love will not let you die.
  41. Let me know if you hear whispers in the wind. Let me know what they say.
  42. Flashes of genius in a lifetime of mediocrity.
  43. The cost of living is dying.
  44. Love comes easy. Loving does not.
  45. You have to be a little broken to bleed poetry.
  46. Let me bring out my tools. Let me work on you.
  47. We dread judgement not from strangers, but from friends.
  48. I have a lure of all things pure.
    All it takes is a piper and a tune.
  49. I don’t want a princess
    or a starlet of unparalleled beauty.
    I just need a scribbler
    one who finishes my sentences for me.
  50. All my life I kept wondering if someone would ever understand.
    And then I met someone who did.
  51. While our mind is solving the equations of life, our heart is busy unbalancing them.
  52. Keep that wound open unless the lesson, like the scar, becomes permanent.
  53. We the children of morning do not fear the night.
  54. You cannot catch a balloon with a needle.
  55. No story is complete unless told.
  56. There is no going back to a place everyone you loved has already left.
  57. For a change, I am not lost in a memory. For a change I am making one.
  58. The idea is to keep moving while having nowhere to go.
  59. The first light that escapes isn’t the brightest, but it is the most inspiring.
  60. People do not have to be together for their story to be complete.
  61. A homeless man had everywhere to go to.
  62. Yes! A woman remembers.
  63. In a world of “mah frenzzzzz”, be my friendship.
  64. She is a butterfly on a plastic rose.
  65. Stories to read. Stories to write. Stories to be.
  66. The question is not who you can go to. The question is who will take you in.
  67. The nights are all hers. But the mornings are all mine.
  68. The past is certainly dead. I see its ghost all the time.
  69. Where is uncertainty, there is also, possibility.
  70. If you really, really try, you can see rainbows at night.
  71. It’s a dark night. Perhaps the darkest.
    It’s a bad storm. Perhaps the worst.
    There’s a knock on the door.
    And a Hagrid walks into your life.
  72. Flights don’t make memories like trains used to.
  73. I just hope you were around. Just to see the man I have become.
  74. Life is a fishhook. And hope is bait.
  75. This connection will always be.
  76. I am a storyteller.
    I know when a story is over.
    Or complete.
    Or both.
  77. Everyone has secrets with November.
  78. Don’t disappear into forever.
  79. And if you have a broken heart, I will be your fresh start.
  80. Two days diet. Third day riot.
  81. In life’s menu of specials, where is my slice of normal.
  82. We only cry for the people we love.
  83. Great sacrifice is required to vanquish great evil.
  84. In my khichdi of a life, love is like ghee.
  85. Forget the wound but remember the pain.
  86. Bitching is a fundamental right.
  87. I try to be the friend that no one was to me.
  88. I am in awe of all womankind in general, and in love with one woman in particular.
  89. It is 2020 and I am still stuck on Kate Winslet’s curls in titanic.
  90. Every broken heart is comforted by a full stomach.
  91. The world can tell. Cause your eyes talk. And they talk about me.
  92. A person who helps everyone does not know how to ask for it.
  93. If I was any more normal, would you be any less special?
  94. I did not come to complete an unfinished story. I came back to start a new one.
  95. All apartment aunties together are a jury panel.
  96. To believe in God, you must first believe in the devil.
  97. I am from Mithila. We eat fish and make merry.
  98. Friendships do not survive relationships.
  99. So… you telling me you can’t finish you own story?
  100. Snickers is desi badam chikki that went abroad and came back with an accent.
  101. They wanted me to change. So I did.
  102. Only happier memories can heal wounds cause by happy memories.
  103. The world needs more feminism and less feminists.
  104. The only downside of eating too much panipuri is that you can’t have more.
  105. When you are a part of everyone else’s story, you don’t have one of your own.
  106. If you think your story is done, come to me I will give you one.
  107. Every savior was a victim once.
  108. Coffee is fuel but Chai is activity.
  109. Today’s resistance is tomorrow’s strength.

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