Hi ! My name is Soo. I make people into stories.

I am a man of many words. I am a man of many names.

I am the promise of the rising sun. I am the whisper of the night sky.

Once a small time middle town teenager who fell in love with the English language instead of a girl.

A Nuclear Safety Consultant by profession, a scribbler by choice.

In true love with four wonderful, wonderful ladies in my life.

I am a “Steel Urchin”. A “hard” engineer.

I write letters to my future daughter, absent friends and my Hagrid.

Conversationalist. Interaction Wizard. Wordaholic.

Hugger. Hogger. Hummer.

Obsessive. Compulsive. Narcissistic.

Morning walker. Midnight talker. Vidya Balan Stalker.

Stories to read. Stories to write. Stories to be.

Steel of Jamshedpur. Forged in Chennai heat. Swinging in Mumbai.

Can be spotted talking to myself. I write a little. I go for solitary midnight walks. And I drive my sister totally crazy .

Can be spotted in bookstores, smelling new books with no intention of buying them!

For the sake of sounding cheeky… you can google me out 😉

And if you think your story is done, come to me, I will give you one 🙂

PS: If you want to argue which Biryani is best, drop me a mail at anubhansoo@gmail.com 🙂

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