The Woman Who Writes Letters

Who is this woman? And why does she write letters? Many years ago I made a rule to not make new friends. And to let go of the hurtful ones. And just when most friendships were gone I found the most blissful one. But who is this woman? And why is she the exception to... Continue Reading →

Familiar Cracks

I bring flowers to my own grave. My poor innocence lies buried dead. The days are tough but kind. Then the night takes over and my strength impales. This today fades. My eyes are open, but memories are all I see. I know this. This crumbling. I break again along familiar cracks. And my pieces... Continue Reading →


My dear reader, This post is a small compilation of one-liners and small poems I have written over the course of many years. These usually have no context and often are just my observations about little things in this sweet and beautiful world. I have tried to compile only the ones that make a little... Continue Reading →

Switchend slapstick!

Roll call. Hair bun. Red rose. Payroll. Bad day. Summer noon. Loyalty debt. White cloud. Pareidolia. Night shade. Blood moon. Dead river. Lost brother. Fountain pen. Cricket balls. Rain puddle. Eye twinkle. Fallen king. Hair ball. Old clothes. Chin up. Knuckle sandwich. Wide shoulders. Gorilla palm. Big smiles. Dimple deep. One memory. And a name.

Into the Pyratorium

If you happen to be a friend of the person this post is about, you must already know what this story is going to be. If you are the girl he likes, or a girl who likes him, you are so very lucky. As you go through this post, you will get to know why.... Continue Reading →

Date Night Delight

(Dear reader, This post is a little too long so kindly be patient till the end. And credits to Hagrid for the edits and cleanup in my messy text.) Restless waves flirted ferociously with the shore towards my left. The extravagant resort to my right spread its expanse like a phoenix’s wings, and the ground underneath... Continue Reading →

Ghosts in List!

I don't know how, I can't sleep now. They howl, they trouble, with darkness they double. They titter, they glitter, and I can't resist. Their shadows, evil hollows and I just want to quit. Beneath the bed resides a gloomy mist. with closed jaws, and tightened fist, I write this poem with ghosts in list!... Continue Reading →

Dear Absent Friend

Dear Absent Friend, How long has it been? How very, very long! All these many, many years have gone by. And yet I could still feel your hand on my shoulder as if it were yesterday. I do not know where you are in this pandemic, but I hope you are safe and well. I... Continue Reading →

Maar Saale Ko!

In the current edition of “Story time with Soo” I bring to you this exaggerated but kind of a real story about a part imaginary, part real fight. And hence the title of the post. “Maar Saale Ko!” has been my war cry from the naughty days of Madonna school. It was in fact, the... Continue Reading →

O for Oshin!

The first week of August in 2011 brought about many changes in my life. I arrived in NIT Jamshedpur, kind of loathing myself for the choice I had made. A new city. Lots of new friends that would stay for life. And many, many lessons to come. With all that new noise, came a name... Continue Reading →

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